Size Chart

How to Measure?

Chest: We measure our chest with a tape measure passing it under our armpits and the broadest part of our chest

Natural Waist: To find your natural waist,

  1. Place a tape measure around your middle torso.
  2. Bend your body to the side (either left or right — it doesn’t matter)
  3. Feel for a crease/indentation/fold below your breast, but above the top of your hips. For those of us with love handles, you’re looking for the fold closest to the top of your hips.
  4. Move to the tape measure to where this fold occurs.

Hips:  Put your feet together and pass the measuring tape around your hips over the part that protrudes the most.

What if I am between two sizes?

If, after measuring yourself and consulting the table above you find that you are between two sizes, you must decide according to your preference which size (one will be tighter and one will be looser)

See product page for more measurements