There is something electrifying about wearing a leather jacket.

This iconic piece possesses a compelling power and inspires a feeling unlike any other – an effortless confidence and grounding in ones’ individuality. A well-crafted jacket isn’t just an accessory piece or a final touch to an outfit...it is the outfit. A leather jacket says quite a lot. So you don’t have to.

We believe everyone should experience this. Our goal is simple: to offer people direct access to timeless, luxurious leather jackets – at a price they can easily try on. Underneath it all, our mission to democratize the fashion industry drives everything we do.

Our jackets reflect the very principles we hold dear: quality, transparency, and individuality. By owning our means of production, we’ve streamlined the path from maker to wearer. In doing so, we can offer our jackets at one-third of the current market price while still obsessing over the highest quality materials and honing the fine details of design and fit. Our sensibility is refined, yet always accessible.

So, it is with pride that we introduce LTH JKT – a collection of honest, elegant, and carefully crafted jackets for men and women who want to express themselves directly, who want to be part of a new sincerity.

LTH JKT proclaims that not all leather jackets are made equally, but all humans are. With this in mind, we believe our products are not just for anybody - they are for everybody.