This is: The Style That Binds Us.

Alison and Delia aren’t your typical business partners. For one, they’re a mother-daughter team, which in itself is both endearing and impressive. They also share an extraordinary bond and deep love for fashion that transcends the generation gap, embodying the very principles that our jackets represent - that true style is ageless and timeless. But more than sharing DNA, clothing, and a keen eye for style, they share a common purpose - to inspire self-confidence in others - something that we personally resonate with. 

Drawing from their individual styles and backgrounds – Delia began her fashion career as an intern at Versace, later working on the buying team at Barneys New York, while Alison studied at the Fashion Institute of New York, eventually becoming a national style and image consultant – the two joined forces to create The Style That Binds Us, a community for women of all ages and sizes with an emphasis on style with substance.

More than just the latest fashion trends, they believe that true, lasting style comes from within - that how we feel about ourselves on the inside directly relates to how we express ourselves on the outside in the form of style. By encouraging women to rediscover themselves from the inside out, their hope is to ultimately inspire confidence from within. 

Intrigued by their extraordinary relationship, we wanted to learn more about the style - and the purpose - that bind this dynamic mother-daughter team.

What makes you, you


I think my smile and energy are very much a part of me, I am Southern, I am determined, and I dream big!


I am a person who, by my nature, gets pleasure from helping other people. As a woman, this means many times I put myself last. I believe I have finally learned the importance of taking care of oneself, but I’m still a work in progress!


How do your fashion choices relate to who you are? 


Each day when we get dressed, we are choosing how to present ourselves to the world whether that is subconscious or not. The way I dress takes my values into account so that I present myself in a respectful way in a business setting or a fun and playful way in a social setting.


I think my personal style aesthetic tells people that I am someone that they can come to for advice; I am not the stylist who “fluffs” you up, but the one who helps you solve the wardrobe issues and concerns you are having, based on your body type, your lifestyle, the changes that are going on in your life and your budget.  


Tell us about a time when…

You were misunderstood.


I am okay with alone time and going on adventures by myself. This isn’t a cry for help - but each time I talk about this on social media, my friends invite me to events because they think I’m lonely. But in fact, I’m relishing the ‘me’ time! 


There have certainly been times in my life when I was misunderstood. As women, we don’t always ask for what we need, for fear of seeming self-centered, but we expect others to somehow figure it out! Many times, this does not work! 


You stood up for something that mattered to you.


In middle and high school, it made me uncomfortable when my peers made fun of others who were different than them. Even though I probably seemed like a goody-two-shoes, I would always stick up for others and tell my peers to cut it out. 


I stand up for women every day. My friends and clients know that I will always have their backs. I am devoted to them, and the community we are building at The Style That Binds Us. My goal is to help build self-confidence and strength and encourage people to be kind to each other and live a joyful life. I want people, especially women, to know they are not alone and that they can and will do it all. They are “enough” just the way they are.


When do you feel most effortlessly you? 


Exploring a museum! It helps me to dream and recenters me. I love hearing all the different languages spoken around me, and being surrounded by creativity.


I feel most at ease when I am traveling, and when I’m surrounded by like-minded people. 

Alison, what do you admire most about your daughter? 

I admire my daughter’s strength. I admire her thoughtfulness. She realizes I have a lot on me, and tries not to add any more to my plate than what I can handle. She calls her grandmother several times a week; she remembers to write thank you notes. She doesn’t complain or feel sorry for herself when things don’t go her way, but always has a positive attitude. 

What's the greatest lesson you've learned from your daughter? 

She is patient with me as a business partner, which isn’t easy, especially in the technology area. Most important thing I’ve learned from her as a partner is to be brave and take chances, and instead of saying, “I can't do this”, ask myself “why can’t I do this?!”

How are you alike? 

We are alike in our sense of humor, our mission to make everyone feel included, and in our desire to help others discover the things that bring joy to their lives. 


She has more willpower. She sets goals for herself and sticks to them. She exercises daily, me not so much. She is a seriously clean eater, me not so much. We balance each other out. It's very easy for me to make excuses, and avoid anything else that makes me uncomfortable. She helps me with that. I help her to be more flexible and understand that not everything is black-and-white. 

Delia, what do you admire most about your mother? 

Her style, strength, poise, and grace! She takes aging head-on and helps those around her in the process.

What's the greatest lesson you've learned from your mother? 

To be kind and respectful to everyone.

How are you alike? 

We have a similar sense of style. We also share a love for the performing arts (like dance and music), food, and travel. 


Occasionally we’ll have differing viewpoints, but I think that’s just being from different generations. 

Learn more about The Style That Binds Us at the following:


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