This is Grace.

Things that were important in my 20’s

Wearing the right clothes, always looking the part and never leaving the house in track pants, traveling, having cool friends, hanging at the “in” places, and getting a music degree.


Things that were important in my 30’s

My children, having a good job, going back to college for more degrees, being happily married, and not being boring. 

Things that were important in my 40’s

Racing my motorcycles, figuring out if there was more to life, and watching my kids grow to be adults. Discovering it is hard to find a voice when you are always being told what to say. As a girl, you are told you need to be a good girl. As a teenager, you are told you need to be accepted. As a woman, you are told you need to be beautiful, slim, smart, etc.


In my 50’s I found my voice.  

She is happy and at times sad.  She cries out loud and in public. She is not afraid of making mistakes or a fool of herself. She will say what she thinks even if she is proven wrong. She doesn’t feel the ‘need’ to be liked. She is not afraid of saying that she loves you. She is not naïve but believes that most people are good.

In between all that good stuff, I started my own company while at college, which failed. I found my feet and grew my expertise in management and operations working for traditional corporate companies until I had the courage to leave the security and certainty behind for the excitement and fulfillment of building a brand from the ground up. I am the Managing Director at LTH JKT, and that means I do a bit of everything.


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Marc Osborn had mentioned my name to you on August 22, 2019. Looking forward to talking with you!

Peyton Newell August 22, 2019

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