This is Emma.

It all started with a bully and a dream. 

One morning, Emma woke up and informed her mum that she was not going to school that day. A kid in her class had recently started bullying her, and she finally had enough. “I’m not going to school”, Emma stated. “Well, what are you going to do?” her mum asked. “I’m gonna become an actor.” Two weeks later, Emma had a role on a tv show.

This might seem an impressive feat for such a young girl, but according to Emma, it was meant to be. As a believer in the law of attraction, Emma decided early on that she would steer her own destiny by putting her intent out into the universe. And when she did, the universe responded – starting with a phone call from a talent agent. “Hey Emma, can you act?” the agent asked. Never having acted a day in her life, she simply replied, “I love acting!” If this was her big break, she wouldn’t let a minor detail such as this stand in her way. Or any other detail, for that matter. Upon hearing that the role called for a redhead who could ride a horse, she immediately dyed her hair red, signed up for riding lessons, and went off to her first-ever audition. She got the job. Astonished, her mum looked at her and asked, “Emma Booth, how do you do it?” Emma simply replied, “I’m magic.” They both laughed.  

Charting new territory.

It was the beginning of her career, but Emma already knew this is what she wanted to do forever. When the TV show eventually ended, the universe sent her a new opportunity - modeling. Traveling back and forth to Milan, Tokyo, and New York, Emma was exposed to a new world that was both exciting and fun.

However, it wasn’t long before she found herself intertwined in a darker side of this world – constant partying and surrounded by people who didn't have her best interests at heart. In a job that only seemed to value what her body looked like, Emma felt like she had no voice. That's when she knew she had to get back to her true passion – story-telling.

“At times it felt very invalidating and soul destroying trying to fit into the perfect mold - your life being judged purely on what you looked like. It just wasn’t me and I craved something more."

The universe also had something more in store for her. So she set out to master the art of story-telling through her first love, acting.

Don't judge a book by its chapter.

As one chapter closes, another begins. Only in this chapter, Emma is stronger, wiser, and more assured than ever of her purpose as an artist. She believes that the gift of a true artist is something like magic - they take you on a journey and you feel something along the way. It was somewhere along her own journey that Emma realized becoming a true artist required more than the tools taught in acting classes - it also required tools that must be earned. The ones you can only acquire by embarking on your own journey, experiencing new things - good and bad, getting your hands dirty, facing adversity along the way, and arriving back home - a little scratched and bruised - but ultimately stronger. When Emma returned home from her journey, she discovered that she had acquired a new full set of tools, and she was ready to use them.

One of the most important tools she gained was her perspective on empathy.  “There are times in my life where you’re like, ‘don’t judge me by that chapter you walked in on’. That’s just people grinding and learning who they are. How do you know who you are if you don’t try it all and then ask yourself, “who am I now?” 

And who she is now is clearly a product of where she has been.

You’ve gotta have tools man, you’ve gotta have tools.

As she continued on her journey, Emma saw her childhood dream soar to new levels when she landed a starring role on a hit TV series. Though she was living out her dream in real life, even she wasn’t impervious to bouts of anxiety and self-doubt. Emma quickly found that being in the limelight can sometimes garner unwanted attention from critics of all kinds. Triggering old familiar memories of being bullied at school, she realized that she would have to dig deeper than ever before if she was to keep her journey going. How did she do it?

“You’ve gotta have tools man, you’ve gotta have tools", she said.

For Emma, the #1 tool is kindness. Especially towards her fans. She’s always sure to give back more love than she receives - whether it's sending personal birthday messages or commenting on their posts - she knows that a small amount of kindness goes a long way. So far in fact that she’s now become an anti-bully advocate, something close to her heart. She’s found that by sharing her tools with others, she can be a positive force for young girls, helping them to safely navigate through their own dark times.

Clean hands make a happy heart.

As she continues to move through the chapters of her life, one particular saying has stuck with her - "clean hands make a happy heart". Through sharing her wisdom and experiences with others, she’s come to an important realization – that what she does as an artist matters. That using her platform for good to tell stories that move people, change people, while also imparting kindness on others, is what she was put here to do - and that when her actions are in alignment with this, magic starts to happen. It’s the key to manifesting our own happiness. All we need to do is unlock the toolbox. 


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