A Letter From Our Founder


I love this letter, this is what leadership is all about.

Luis Sandoval July 22, 2020

I love your jackets. They are beautifully made and the price is unbeatable. So glad I supported you!

Lori Hassin May 18, 2020

Hi Andrew,

Long time—you popped up on my LinkedIn! I love what you’re doing. Am taking a similar approach in my work. Hope you’re staying healthy and safe. Sending my love from Buffalo, New York, old friend.


Bronwyn Keenan April 28, 2020

This is so heartwarming. Your jackets are some of my favorites that I own! And then to see how thoughtful and caring the owner is, makes me want to support you even more.

Vaale April 20, 2020

Such a beautiful initiative!

Jessica Berry April 18, 2020

I love your products and your current initiative makes me want to support your company even more.

Brittany April 15, 2020

Unbelievable initiative! If only there were more companies & founders like this in the world. Great stuff and good luck!

niki April 15, 2020

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